Breathe of Fresh Air…

"Is he ever going to come back?" little Mason asked swallowing the hideous sob Harley replied "no honey it's just you and I now" little Mason pondered over the words just his mother said and in strong conviction he voiced "Good I never want him back. Don't you worry momma; it's just you and I... Continue Reading →


They whisper every night, Calling me weak. A new level of anxiety sets in.


I forgave you But, I can’t forgive myself I loved you When I loathed myself I don’t know How? I disregarded My worth like that


How can they forget? That you were one of them. Perhaps it was how it meant to end, friendships we thought had. The effect will  forever last. You were nothing but, forgotten past.  


Living in denial Is easier Than accepting, Hurting is far more Easier Than loving, Lying is second part Of truth, We care for theses Aspects More than we Should, Alas! A world full Of Amiss ‘The Truth’

Book Review: I Remain Forever Yours

Title: I REMAIN FOREVER YOURS Writer: RAJAN V KOKKURI GENRE: FICTION, ROMANCE PAGES: 68 PUBLISHER: BUUKS AVAILABLE: AMAZON (PAPERBACK) I Remain Forever Yours, debut novel by Rajan V Kokkuri. It is a story about eternal bonds can’t be perished with emotional touch of longing. Summary: Kavya studying in a boarding school termed as orphan by... Continue Reading →

She was….

Sour and sweet Stubborn and meek A strange being She was, Heart of gold Tongue of swords Attitude oh lord! A proclaim doll She was, Practised defence mechanism Innocence shined from Her depth A bundle of joy She was, Wore heart on sleeves Poked positivity In every being A little sunshine She was


Meaningless texts Silly smiles Innuendo exchanged Memories woven Locked away In darker place Where no one can slip in Just your eyes, can peek in Un-caging suppressed love From fading

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