Solitude and Peace

Let these roads, lead me to my destination, where, i can be me, without any hesitation, where I fly high? without any criticism, my little sanctuary of solitude and peace, No size, color and other, fragmented bars to meet, No scale of perfection, to please My feet embarking the road, of being me, my little... Continue Reading →


Let's Change Uzal, Bluebelle💙 & DIKSHA in @haikujam


A lone wolf howling

Let me see the side which is never seen,

Let me be the heart you never feel,

Let me be the light shining in the dark,

Let me be the shoulder you cry on,

Let me the love blossoming in your heart,

Let me be the hands pull you far,

Let me be the ocean submerging your demons

Let me be the girl you hold forever.508dbb5a2bc64b7d85a7d73e50cf6c63

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Bottomless pit, failure proceeds A black sheep, that's what she is. Shine brighter than stars, or it's just my eyes admiring her from afar.


Bore scars from past, Some good, Some gruesome to recall But, there she is admiring them like piece of art.

Today, They Resurfaced Again

Today, they resurfaced again Like a storm, came bearing the pain Uprooting me from my safe place Jolting the memory of deepest pain Locked away within Clinging to your very vain Taunting your sane Chances of escape, none what’s so ever? Replaying the horrors Never spoken for No can rescue Destruction within, eats you alive... Continue Reading →


Humming she goes, old tunes of love Brightening the sour hearts. When her own darkened with lost hope?

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