Take Away From 2020

No one knew this year would be ‘the year of- pandemic.’ No one knew it would change our life for good. And no one knew we have to alter our lifestyle accommodate the unwanted but, ever present – Covid-19. 2020 is the year we lost, learned to value the things we haven’t and most certainly... Continue Reading →


It’s been a great journey so far. I have learned so much from other poets and story tellers here made few friends too. But, very things come to an end and a whole new chapter’s start for you. I humbly request my followers that if you love my work and keep on supporting me in... Continue Reading →


Once he craved the presence of another. His hands hovered over the contact to press the call or not. Again he decided against it. The rhapsody of unsettlement grew, he, again and again, went through his social media handle; searched for a friend to just chat. Finding none; nothing new for him there. A sudden... Continue Reading →

A Knock From The Past..Chapter-8

Chapter-8 “Well meet your grandkids, Jedrck and Antalia” Lucy thought about the events played last night, when she introduced her kids to her freshly reunited family, not that they were welcoming but, still it meant a lot form her to introduce her kids to the family. They were shocked at least that’s for sure, her... Continue Reading →

Ocean Beat

I reckon We are like ocean waves, Dancing together Weaving melodious patterns; But, never get to be together, Parting at shore end Only to Weep and repeat But, never will flow As one Ocean beat

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