Dismal and Knight

A lone wolf howling

Clad in black leather, icy blue eyes
Seized me up and down
Sending sizzling sensation down my spine
Amusement played his icy orbs
Making me fall harder than before,

Fire and ice
Dismal and her knight
Roar of his bike, danger I like
Brown orbs clashed with icy blue
Electrifying sizzling sensation,

Treacherous mind and soul
Pulling me close
Unchartered territory
A new feeling exposed,

Calloused fingers caressing my cheek
A warm feeling ignites, deep in me
Lips moulded together, as one
Sanity spiralling down
Mr Rebel and Miss Innocent
Painting red all over the town.

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My heart is not, In sync with my mind Both are overwhelmed on Different parallel lines, One contradicts other Not a joyful ride, Still they survive Holding hands they cry, One in pity One n relief, At Least they have each other Striving against all odds, They fly high up in the sky Basking few... Continue Reading →


They create misconceptions overused deceptions, thank you next rewind again, make us curious to gall again.


Dreams, where I survived? Played a martyr A lover and helping hand in disguise A place full of fantasies, Just as you please No demons lurking To kill your peace, Loud bouts of laughter, Running faster No care in the world A happy land, A safe haven, To last forever

Somewhere Within Bonbon, DIKSHA & anant in @haikujam download.haikujam.com


Not easy on eyes Too hard headed Too stubborn for you to try I want my voice to be heard Like to have final word I get it, too opinionated for you to try But, I never promised to bow down Serving you every wimp, hands down Born without zip on my mouth, Too proud... Continue Reading →


A little naïve Wear the biggest smile Space out a lot Built castles on clouds Binge watch romance flicks, sigh with bliss Cute tubelight she is Understand little too late Punch lines exchanged, Carry the heart of gold A little too sensitive, that’s all Knack of cracking bad jokes Still laugh rolling on floor A... Continue Reading →

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