Use to fear The sunshine, Today craving its shine, When darkness surrounds, Only hope to feel, Mollifying warmth, Like a vine, Need to clutch it Before it slip again, From my fingers I relish mayhem, It stirred within Whispering sweet nothings You will live again.  



Always walked with her eyes casted down, just that she won’t stumble head down, into jungle of varied emotions, cobwebs of various notions, Lot goes in pretty head of hers, Eyes are down mind always up in clouds, searching for answers defining her pronouns, Her eyes trained on ground, looking for the evidences she couldn’t... Continue Reading →


Wish I could say more Sway the earthquake Shaking me to core Wish I could ask you to stay Shooing all my demons away Wish I have heart to convey Emotions brewing within I being puppet of fate Overpowering my prayers Locking me away Scheduled from human eagle stares Wish I could say How deeply... Continue Reading →


Wounds are fresh as before time hasn't healed them  all. Scars as angry to core How can I plead them to go? When I, myself lost on wrong road, searching for heart to soare  survival is a go wounds are fresh as before.    

My Own Being

This is how It's gonna be, forever Me struggling To get over my fears Walls build so high Always on defence stride Too closed off Never let someone in Sometimes I myself Feel foreigner to My own being  

Love Symphony

I hear your sound even when you are not around, A smile I can't seem to put down, Is it dream or my mind playing tricks? A love symphony  pulling me in.

His or Her

"You forgot one thing" she said "what?" he asked "my heart" she replied, turned around and left him confused to figure out, was she talking about his or her.

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